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Halifax Music: Who Was The Halifax Band Fake Steppenwolf in the 1970's?

1973:Fake Steppenwolf - Halifax's Almost Famous
This is a loose story about the Halifax music scene so you can't really believe all this and it's mostly gossip.

Apparently in the early 1970's in Halifax there was a fake Steppenwolf.

They did the song "Born to Be Wild".

I heard this story about Halifax in 1973 during the brief period that Steppenwolf was broken up. At this time apparently there was a band from Halifax traveling around Nova Scotia pretending to be Steppenwolf from Ontario.

So this is a pretty good story about hard rock music in Halifax in 1973. All this gossip about the band fake Steppenwolf in Halifax in the 1970's got me excited to hear more Halifax Hard Rock Bands from the 1970's, like local Halifax Hard Rock bands that never made it etc.

I didn't really look too hard but I can't find any albums from Halifax in the Hard Rock Category from the 1970's from local bands and smaller bands. If those are out there I would like to hear them.

I started wondering if the band fake Steppenwolf had made an actual record in the 1970's but I can't seem to find it. I looked around briefly but I can't find any Hard Rock Albums from local Halifax Bands in the 1970's that would match this story.

The story is in the early 1970's a band in Halifax was copying the band Steppenwolf from Ontario and traveling around Nova Scotia in a 70's Rock Van posing as the band Steppenwolf and trying to pass themselves as the real band in the area.

If that was another band pretending to be Steppenwolf in Halifax then I would like to hear their record. By deduction, I tried to narrow this down by tracking down all Hard Rock bands from Halifax in the 1970's to see which one was posing as the band Steppenwolf but I can't find any.

If there are 1970's Hard Rock Albums from Halifax from small bands I would like to hear them. They would be like the ones that would have played with April Wine locally.

Fake Steppenwolf apparently was prominent in the Halifax area and in Nova Scotia for several years in the early 1970's during the formation of the Halifax Rock Band April Wine.

What I was hoping to find was other Hard Rock bands that were playing with April Wine in the Halifax area locally at concerts that never made it.

I'm assuming that April Wine did not just play concerts by themselves in Halifax in the early 1970's and that like today there were many other bands playing Hard Rock Music around them that never made it big but they have played at their concerts.

I started trying to track down records of bands that may have played with April Wine in Halifax in the early 1970's hoping that one of them would have been fake Steppenwolf.

Apparently, the height of fake Steppenwolf in Halifax was in 1973 during the break up of the real Steppenwolf in Toronto probably. 

During this period I have heard that fake Steppenwolf was all over the Halifax Area during the early days of April Wine pretending to be Steppenwolf and trying to pass themselves off locally as the real band.

People have said locally that they looked like a real band and had this van and stuff and then were saying they were the band Steppenwolf.

However, no one knows if they were playing concerts with April Wine or anyone or if they did a real record under their own name.

Not only all that, there is more to this story.

The story of fake Steppenwolf is classic in Halifax apparently and well known to people I have heard through out Nova Scotia where the band was traveling around saying they were Steppenwolf durning their early days and the start of April Wine.

Fake Steppenwolf from Halifax would be a classic record to hear today if they made one.

Here is the best part of the story of the Halifax band fake Steppenwolf. 

All their stories they were telling came from Rolling Stone Magazine in the early 1970's, specifically I am hearing 1973.

So the fake Steppenwolf story came from articles in Rolling Stone Magazine in 1973 which they were reading and retelling to the public about their adventures in music to make a name for themsleves.

Then they tried to pass themselves off as the real band Steppenwolf.

You can read about what fake Steppenwolf was telling the public in Halifax in back issues of Rolling Stone Magazine. So their story they told is hidden in the articles of Rolling Stone Magazine.

What I am doing is tracking down the old back issues of Rolling Stone Magazine from the early 1970's to read the stories that fake Steppenwolf was using to pretend to be that band in Halifax.

People in the area may remember hearing stories in the Halifax area about this local rock band, but in reality they didn't know they were just repeating the articles in Rolling Stone Magazine and saying it was about their band. 

Then they tried to get people to believe they were Steppenwolf.

This could be important today because these people may be involved in music somewhere but there back story is fake and taken from Rolling Stone Magazine.

This could be some kind of scam or something today. People may think that these guys around here were in a Hard Rock Band in Halifax in the 1970's as a back story in some scam or something, but their story really came out of Rolling Stone magazine.

If you read the old stories in Rolling Stone Magazine, that is the material fake Steppenwolf was telling everyone. Regular people in 1973 never read Rolling Stone Magazine and probably didn't know what they were telling them was really an article in Rolling Stone.

Apparently they were making a name for themselves locally and being a band, but they used stories from Rolling Stone Magazine to make a fake backstory for themselves and then they went around pretending to be famous.

Anyway, I would still like to hear the fake Steppenwolf Record from 1973 from Halifax if they made one.

If someone know's fake Steppenwolf then their story they told everyone is really articles in Rolling Stone from mainly 1973 I am told.

Now I plan on reading all those old magazines to hear the story of fake Steppenwolf from Halifax.

Plus, now I'm digging out tons of Hard Rock Records from the early 1970's to see what's on all them, there could be some hidden gems in there. More on that later in a future post but obscure 1970's Hard Rock Records are big right now like fake Steppenwolf if they made a record.

So if you're wondering whats popular right now in music it's obscure 1970's Hard Rock Albums like the bands that were out with Steppenwolf but never made it. 

Tons of people right now are listening to 1970's hard rock bands that never made it but played with bands like Steppenwolf, hopefully later I'll have a list of my favorite obscure hard rock records after I listen to tons of them.

Not only that the story of fake Steppenwolf in Halifax that they told from Rolling Stone Magazine get this...was also the content used in the movie Almost Famous.

The movie Almost Famous about Rolling Stone magazine in 1973 about Hard Rock Bands is about the same content that launched fake Steppenwolf in Halifax in 1973.

So long before the movie the content was in the pages of the actual Rolling Stone Magazine.

In the early 1970's during the early days of April Wine in Halifax this is the same time period as the move content in Almost Famous.

Fake Steppenwolf also prominent in Halifax during this time period got there scam out of the pages of Rolling Stone magazine that was later made into the movie Almost Famous.

That must have been good content in Rolling Stone magazine in 1973, later it was made into the movie Almost Famous.

In 1973 in Halifax that content in Rolling Stone also launched fake Steppenwolf ....that was during real Steppenwolf and April Wine.

Fake Steppenwolf may have actually played with real Steppenwolf or April Wine in the early 1970's in Halifax but no one knows for sure.

The story of fake Steppenwolf is the article content from Rolling Stone Magazine that later because Almost Famous.  

That is a local story to Halifax but is apparently true.

Ironically enough, just like the move Almost Famous fake Steppenwolf never made it.

So they must have been coping the story of bands that never made it that they heard about in Rolling Stone in the 1970's.

There point is here that the Rolling Stone content must have been pretty good in 1973 if it launched fake Steppenwolf in Halifax and years later it became the movie Almost Famous.

I would suggest tracking those magazines down because it sounds like good reading material, plus if you are from Halifax you will be reading the story of the classic Halifax Hard Rock Band fake Steppenwolf, hopefully someday the fake Steppenwolf Record will surface.


Beauty: Singer "Pink" Named Most Beautiful Woman in the World by People Magazine

Yeah Right
Singer "Pink" was named the most beautiful woman in the world? Yeah, but only in one magazine.

When will people stop making these fake magazine articles.

At first I thought this was one of those bogus MSN articles,
but it's on a real magazine.

Sarcastic Magazine Says Pink is Worlds Most Beautiful Woman


Monday, April 16, 2018

Entertainment: Sloan is Playing at the ECMA Awards and The Trench Coat Mafia

Sloan will be Performing at the ECMA Awards
Sloan is playing at East Coat Music Awards and I heard on the Radio that it's at the Marquee.

Not the real Marquee like in Los Angeles of something, they just call it that. Anyway, it's on Gottingen Street in the North End  and I thought it was closed and the building was condemned.

I guess not, Sloan is at what? What I thought was a condemned building and I thought it was closed.

That should be a pretty good concert but the Marquee in the North End and Gottingen Street is a terrible venue and the area is run down, aka the Trench Coat Mafia are all down there.

So it's fun to see what the Trench Coat Mafia  will be doing during the Sloan Concert, they'll probably be down there bumming change with cardboard signs because the band used to be on Much Music.

Remember that fire where the band Great White got killed? That's the same kind of area probably, if that was me I'd be concerned about building safety if I was down there so just be careful if you go to the Sloan concert.

Trench Coat Mafia update:

This is just a quick update on the Trench Coat Mafia stuff with some more info.

Several years back when I was flamed on the internet by people in the Trench Coat Mafia and people from the Slums in Halifax and North End, plus they used to annoy me outside all the time.

This is more on that, apparently what was also happening  is when my records came out over ten years ago a bunch of people were going around asking people I knew if they liked me.

So that's where this flaming stuff started.

People found out about my records and then they went around asking everyone if they liked me or not to see if they would ridicule me or make fun of me.

The did this as a joke to make fun of them and then they came back and told me.

So they all went around asking everyone if they liked me personally when they found out about my records coming out and then the Trench Coat Mafia all said they hated me and started making fun of me.

Then they asked all the girls if they liked me or not and the ones in the Trench Coat Mafia all said they didn't and that they they thought their boyfriend was better than me.

Then they all came back to me and told me what they said about me. I'll probably write more on this later because it's long.

So what they did was people went around seeing if people would smack talk me when my records came out by lying to them, then a bunch of people all made fun of me and then everyone else told me about it.

Then they got all the girls to say they didn't like me then they all started making fun of them for saying it.

Then they came back and told me none of those people liked me and are all smack talking me.

Yes, that's all immature but it's what happened.

When I found out what they were saying I stopped associating with them all and that was it.

Then they started this argument with me and flamed me on the internet.

So that's what got the Trench Coat Mafia ranting about me.

They did the old "Do you like Jason Mackenzie?" trick. Then they said they didn't like me to see what they would say, then they came back and told me about it.

They did that on their own by the way, then they were all making fun of the girls there for saying they didn't like me and thought the Marilyn Manson look people were better.

Then I stopped associating with that crowd after I heard all this gossip and they all started flaming me on the internet and arguing with me.

The they told them they were going to be big music stars because they knew me and they believed them and all thought they were right big in music and then made all these shitty records.

I listened to the records and they have no musical theory on them at all, and there is no percussion on the albums.

So they have drums but no tempo or bpm with the metronome and then they don't play percussion on them.

So when you hear the records it's like half the sound it missing because there's not cymbols or percussion them.

Not having percussion on a record is just like not having a kick drum or snare drum on it.

If you listen to Metallica or some rock band like Rush or Led Zeppelin they have percussion on them and it's all in time and stuff, that's why people like it and it has the big sound.

That's because they included all the elements of music in their music, like percussion.

So playing percussion is also musical theory, and they just excluded it from their records.

What I mean is they didn't include all the "elements" of rock or metal music on thier records.

Not including percussion on a record plus they can't play theory is like trying to make a metal or rock album with no snare or kick drum, that's why they sound so bad. It's because theirs nothing on the record.

So they all went out and made this rock albums and then left half the drums off them because they didn't include percussion so their no drum sound to it.

Percussion helps give records that "big sound" like Rush or something, all those people just didn't use it.

So their albums sound empty with no theory on them, plus theirs no percussion.

Also I think they didn't record their drums with a multitrack.

It takes like a ten track multitrack recorder anyway to record a drum kit. I think they played each song over and over and recorded each drum on the kit one at a time in ten sessions and just mixed them together and didn't include percussion.

Having an album recorded with no multitrack on the drums and recording each drum one at a time, then they have no theory and dind't include percussion on the record, plus they can't play the theory of percussion  anyway. That's just terrible, why even bother making a record if you can't do that.

In fact they know no musical theory at all because there's none on their records, plus there is no tempo or bpm, plus half the drum sound is missing and they they didn't use percussion and can't play theory on cymbols/percussion.

Then people asked them if they didn't like me and they said they didn't and the girls said they didn't like me, then they all flamed me on the internet.

They turned out to be the Trench Coat Mafia bothering me, that's what these other people joking around with this "Do you like Jason?" thing started, but they didn't mean it to get out of hand. The Trench Coat Mafia did that.


Music: The East Coast Music Awards (Canada) Are in Halifax Next Month

Classic Halifax Band April Wine
Next month, May 2 will bring us the East Coat Music Awards to Halifax, the big deal is the band Sloan is playing. More on that to follow.

First the best Classical Album of the year award will probably be awarded to Symphony Nova Scotia. I would say that is probably the biggest band at the East Coast Music Awards.

First I would like to say that I don't participate in award ceremonies plus I am too great at music to even bother with this stuff, plus it's not cool to be in a Death Metal band and go to award shows.

Anyway, if you're looking for me at the ECMA's next month I may be down at the Tim Hortons on the Halifax Waterfront and I might have a snack in the park at Halifax City Hall that week so you may see me there.

Now I have more material on this Music Awards thing on the next post but first I would like to showcase the nominees for best "Loud" artist. I am assuming the Loud category means Heavy Metal music awards which is not cool at all.It's not cool to be at an awards show when you're "metal" these are things you're supposed to boycott, which is why I will be at Tim Hortons and the Park at City Hall having a snack that week instead.

Here is my review of the Loud artists for the ECMA's:

First, I think these albums are older that last year so I don't know why they are at this years ceremony on the webpage.

Hard Charger - Bad Omens
Sleepshaker - Things Are Different Now
Spirit of the Wildfire - Paradisolation
Tactus - Bending Light
ZAUM - Eidolon


That is the list, this is my review:

 Head Charger:

Why these bands travel around playing everywhere is beyond my comprehension, why waste money touring when you can't play.

The drums are off time in the mix. The kick and snare are playing a separate beat and is not sequenced to the guitar and is off time like the track mix is uneven.

The guitar sounds terrible and is making this wining sound like it's out of tune and it's not synced to the drums and again the guitar doesn't line up to the drums.

The vocals are just typical yelling that anyone can do.

This album totally sucks and is a waste of time.

 Sleepshaker , this album actually came out last year I think.

The guitar and drums don't match again like the last band and the the drum rolls are not in time with guitar and has the same yelling vocal style as on the last band.

The kick drum is bad off time with the guitar and the vocals don't sync with the song.

 Spirit of the Wildfire

This is album also actually came out last year.

This is amateur punk music not heavy metal and sound locally produced in a cheap studio.

This is so amateur I can't even tell how bad it sucks.


When I looked at this album cover I though is was a meditation relaxation CD, then it was music on it.

Again, this is not metal and older than last year.

This band sounds like they mixed a bunch a categories together but mainly has a Tool / Perfect Circle sound too it, then they break into this emo metal core thing mixing clean singing with hardcore emo yelling.

The vocals sound off key like they are trying to sing but don't know how to hit vocal notes. This band must not have any vocal training because they are trying to sing in a scale or something but don't know what the notes are and can't hit them.

This style of music sucks anyway.


I don't know what a Zaum but this is some kind of Myan ambient album with sounds of nature and relaxation on it. 

This totally sucks and is not loud or metal, then they break into to some kind of Black Metal like the band Ghost which like this also sucks.

This is not music, just a bunch of noise and clean singing and is ambient of crap or something.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Environmentalism: Why I Don't Like the Tree Hugging Movement

Hippie People Please Leave Me Alone
This is about why I don't like the Tree Hugging movement.

First, all you tree huggers please stop bothering me about nature and eating meat. Now I realize that some people may not be able to eat meat or honestly don't like it, that's not what I mean.

I mean the ones annoying you all the time about how you like to eat meat. That's the tree hugging movement and it all sucks.

Please keep your tree hugging to yourself and stop trying to connect me to hippie shit because I hate it.

I'm not into hippie shit, I just like Heavy Metal Music so stop trying to categorize me with the tree hugging movement. 

I don't like tree hugging I like oil spills and movies about Adolf Hitler and Hardcore Music and I like smashing bottles and stuff.

That has nothing to do with hippies. 

Just because I am into music and have long hair does not mean I am a hippie.The stuff I like to do is "regular" stuff not "alternate" stuff like that hippie shit.

Heavy Metal is not hippie, although their may be people who are vegetarians there. I am not a vegetarian ever and I hate the vegetation diet because I am "regular only".

So please stop trying to connect me because I am in music and have long hair to alternate things like "hippie" shit.

Yes, I like Heavy Metal but everything else is "regular" not "alternate" like hippies and vegetarians.

Just because I like Death Metal doesn't mean everything in my life is "alternate".

I am not "alternate" I and I am "regular things only" except I like Death Metal.

Before I didn't care about hippie alternate shit but now I hate it because they all annoy you too much about what they like and don't care about what you like.

I would like to differentiate myself from this tree hugging hippie movement because I am not one of them.

All those hippie people go around saying I'm "alternate" like some flower child and I'm not. Please, I'm not interested in your commune or having my money there.

Plus my money if I had a lot is not being put into tree hugging and environmentalism or seed hugging and flower potting.

My money is going into things like documentaries about Adolf Hitler and Oil Rigs. Then I will put tons of money into Oil Rigs and if they crash, then it can land on the hippies to complain about.

My dream is that in real life if one of my oil rigs crashed that all the hippies would hate me for ruining the environment, then they would stop saying I'm one of them.

I am not a hippie. I am just into Death Metal.

Everything else is regular not "alternate". I don't care about your flowers or trees and shit and I think PETA sucks ass, plus Greenpeace is stupid.

I think that developing minds of the youth should stay away from these hippie people and go see a cow get slaughtered when they are kids so they can have a "regular" experience. 

I Like Regular Girl Shit Not Stupid Hippie Girl Shit
 Then they will be normal and stop going around saying all this tree hugging shit.

Now some people can't eat meat for real probably but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about tree hugging people.

To get the point across, I don't like hippie girls because they are into shit I don't care about and I hate their act and how they dress. This hippie girl look is not attractive to me, it looks stupid and cheap.

I like girls like Valley Girls and Fashion Girls who are regular and wear clothes that are in style and paint their nails and get their hair done and shit and don't sit around in the bushes all day hugging seeds and shit.

All that hippie stuff sucks. I like girls that get their hair done and shit and look after themselves.

So stop associating my band and shit with hippie shit because I hate it and I am not part of it. I'm Hardcore Music not hippie shit and I hate hugging seeds and I love to eat meat and visit the cow slaughterhouse.

Plus I like Fashion Type girls not "alternate" girls like hippie girls. Not that you have to be a fashion model, I just like girls who are into that stuff because it's regular and not "alternate" like some flower child.

These alternate people say I am hippie shit and I am not and I hate that stuff because it all sucks so don't associate me with vegetarians or tree hugging shit.

I like oil spills and documentaries about Hitler and Hardcore Music not tree planting and animal shit and granola stuff.

I am not "alternate" experiences like hippie communes. I am regular only like meat and I like normal girls not alternate hippie ones.

These are the main points about why I Hate Tree Hugging Hippie Shit:

A Vegetarian can never get a real spouse, a vegetarian has to be with another vegetarian. 

This is why, if you eat meat and marry a vegetarian then you can never for the rest of your life have a traditional Christmas Dinner with your wife.

Vegetarians  never eat a real Christmas Dinner, they don't like Turkey.

If you marry a vegetarian then you will never get to have a real Christmas Dinner with your spouse and you will have to have an "alternate" Christmas experience.

When I have my Christmas Dinner I want to be with someone who eats the same thing as me which is a regular Christmas Dinner, then me and my spouse or girlfriend if I was married would have a traditional Christmas Dinner together because we both like turkey.

That's because I would not marry a vegetarian because you can never have a real Christmas with them because they don't like Christmas Dinner and want an "alternate" dinner every time.

So being vegetarian limits your choices for spouses because people want to have a regular Christmas Dinner  not an alternate one so regular people don't marry vegetarians. 

Vegetarians should marry each other if they only like alternate Christmas.

If you like Turkey and Christmas no one who marries a vegetarian would ever get to have a regular Christmas Dinner for the rest of their life. 

That fucking sucks. 

Not ever having a regular Christmas dinner with your spouse because they are vegetarian is fucking terrible. No regular person would ever want that because you can never have a regular holiday dinner or classic romantic dinner with your spouse because they only like "alternate".

So if you are vegetarian you have to pick an "alternate" spouse like another vegetarian or someone who is not into regular.

That is the biggest issue about having a spouse that is vegetarian and the number one thing I don't like, you can never have a regular Christmas Dinner with your wife ever or ever have a regular Romantic Dinner with them because they hate meat.

I like girls who eat ham and shit and want to have a pork chop with me, not someone who "doesn't like barbecue". 

Why would you marry someone who you can't have a barbecue with. That is stupid and I hate all that and too "alternate" for someone regular like me.

Plus tree huggers try and boss you around all the time.

They are always saying how their food is better than yours because it's "nice to nature" and they keep saying to you that your food is stupid and that you should stop eating meat and do what they want.

Tree Huggers are the most hateful group of people I have ever met in my life.

All they keep saying to you is that they want "alternate situations" ever day and that they will never have a traditional Christmas Dinner with you because they don't eat meat.

Then you have to give up things from a regular marriage and never get to do them.

Then a Tree Hugger will never buckle on being a vegetarian ever but they expect you to give them their way all them time to please what they want.

For example, they keep saying to you constantly that their food is better than yours and that you should give up meat.

Then they think everything they do is better  than you because they don't eat meat, then they never shut up about it.

Then they don't care that you like meat and they want you to give it up for them and be "alternate" but they will never give up being a vegetarian ever but they want you to do what they want and give up meat.

So they try bossing you around all the time by trying to make you eat what they want, but will never change and they think everything they do is better.

That's why I don't get along with the tree hugger movement.

You always have to "please" them by doing nature shit and not eating meat, but they will never do what you want because they think their hippie shit is more important.

I find that behavior super ignorant and can't be around it.

So don't say I am hippie because I hate all that shit and eat meat.

Not having a regular spouse sucks if you eat meat because you can never have a regular meal with your spouse. Fuck that.

If I was married my wife would have to eat meat and be regular so I can have a traditional Christmas Dinner with her because the alternate Christmas sucks ass.

Then I hate them trying to force that organic food on you incessantly because they try and boss you around with it and make you do that if you talk to them.

I hate organic food, I only like regular FDA Regulated Food  like everyone else eats. So please fuckoff with your organic shit and hippie tree hugging shit because I hate it and I am not "alternate".

That's why I find tree huggers hateful, because they won't have a regular Christmas dinner with you and then they try and make you stop eating meat and do what they want, then they try and make you eat organic food all the time and never shut up about it. 

That's why I don't get a long with them and only like regular things and not alternate shit.

Finally, I hate that they protest McDonalds about their treatment of animals because they protest at the wrong building.

McDonalds food is regulated by the Government not McDonalds.

So when they say McDonalds is bad for the environment what they actually mean is that they don't agree with Government Regulations for Farming.

Then the food there is regulated by the Government but they blame McDonalds for hurting the environment when it is not run by them.

McDonalds runs their farms according to what the Government Food Regulations are, and have to conform to the Food Inspector for Farming.

So don't believe hippies when they say McDonalds is bad because they don't know what they are actually talking about.

What they are actually complaining about is that they don't agree with Government Regulations for Farming because that's who actually controls the food at the restaurant not McDonalds.

It's not up to McDonalds to treat their animals a certain why it's  up to Federal Farming  Regulators and tree huggers don't know what they are talking about. 

Tree Huggers are actually protesting Government Food Regulations if they don't like how farms run not McDonalds.

Hippies should be at the Government Offices  Protesting not at the MacDonalds restaurant because the Federal Regulators tell them how to do that.

McDonalds has nothing to do with how animals are treated, that's run by the Government so please move your protest away from Companies like McDonalds and over to the Food Regulators Office because that is where you should actually be at.

That is why I don't like hippie tree hugging shit so please don't associate me with that because you are ignorant and alternate and all your material sucks.

I am regular so please stop annoying me with your seeds and shit because I don't like it at all that stuff sucks anyway.


Halifax: Is Hobo With A Shotgun About The Hobo's on the Gottingen Street and the North End

Halifax: Hobo With A Shotgun

Recently there have been a lot of stories coming out about the activities of the Trench Coat Mafia and Hobo's from the North End and Gottingen Street in Halifax.

What I forgot about is that the movie Hobo With A Shotgun takes place in Halifax. 

The movie was filmed in the areas where bums around here are going around annoying people with the Trench Coat mafia.

So check out the movie Hobo With A Shotgun because it was filmed in Halifax, NS and takes place in  places like the North End in Halifax and Gottingen Street.

This film is most likely a narrative on the life of bums and the Trench Coat Mafia in the Halifax area and also has connections to one of my favorite movie directors Quentin Tarrantino.

Famous Quote from the movie trailer:

"I don't think I've seen you around here before, let me guess you road in on the rails?"

That's supposed to be the Halifax Police welcoming the Hobo into the City according to the movie.
This is probably a sarcastic play on the life of Hobo's in Halifax also written about on this blog and is several years old now.

As a side note some of the people he's fighting look the members of the Trench Coat Mafia from the North End.



Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Star Wars: Make Sure To Visit McDonalds When You See The New Star Wars Han Solo Movie

Get a Seriously Chicken at the new Star Wars
This a story I would like to share about the new Star Wars Han Solo movie and why it's probably going to be the best movie ever.

It's because of the criticism from people who don't like Star Wars and think that it won't be the best movie ever.

What I'm saying is that there is a high correlation between people who don't like the McDonalds  Restaurant and who also think this movie will not be the best movie ever.

I can tell you right away that if someone doesn't like McDonalds then they may say they don't like Star Wars, then they will probably like some "other" inferior movie better.

That's why when you see Solo: A Star Wars Story you should also go eat at McDonalds.

Right away when I went outside this week I should have known that there was a new Star Wars movie coming out but I just found out about it.

When I was out walking in my neighborhood I should have seen the signs of the new Han Solo Star Wars movie.

Near my apartment there was this huge MacDonalds billboard up with Seriously Chicken on it.

Then when I was out that day I found out about the Star Wars movie.

When I saw that Seriously Chicken Billboard I should have automatically said to myself that there must be a new Star Wars movie out.

Now if someone tells you that the new new Star Wars movie will not be the best movie ever then if they say they don't like McDonalds either then they are wrong about the movie.

If someone says to you that they don't like McDonalds and think the new Star Wars will not be the best movie ever don't believe them because they don't know what they are talking about.

That's because they may be a tree hugger type and there is a direct relationship between tree huggers and people who don't like Star Wars, which I will explain.

Seriously Chicken: The Official Chicken Sandwich of Solo
 Tree Huggers don't like McDonalds but they are wrong, so don't trust their opinion on the new Star Wars movie because they also don't like Star Wars (a lot of them).

People who don't like McDonalds are probably tree huggers and also hate Star Wars so don't believe them anyway, plus never trust their opinion on a Star Wars movie.

So when I saw the McDonalds Seriously Chicken billboard I should have known about the Star Wars Movie.

That's because back at Christmas a few months ago I went to see Star Wars:The Last Jedi at the 3D Imax during the Holiday. 

At the movie McDonalds was advertising Seriously Chicken on the screen at the Star Wars movie, so Seriously Chicken may be the Official Chicken Sandwich of the new Star Wars movies.

When I saw the billboard I should have know automatically about this movie.

At the last Star Wars movie The Last Jedi I went to see that at Christmas at the 3D Imax then they were advertising McDonalds Seriously Chicken at the Movie so, on the way home I went to McDonalds to have a Seriously Chicken because it was advertised at the movie.

So to get the complete Star Wars experience I also went to have the McDonalds Seriously Chicken after the movie.

At McDonalds to get the full Star Wars experience I used the brand new self serve kiosk. Now at McDonalds you can order your own meal on a custom menu at a kiosk and pay with you debit chip card and then you just pick it up at the counter without talking to anyone.

The New Awesome McDonalds Self Serve Kiosks
So I went to the Imax to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi at Christmas and they were advertising McDonalds Seriously Chicken, then on the way home from the movie I went to McDonalds and ordered Seriously Chicken at the new self serve kiosk, this gives me the full Star Wars experience by using the latest technology at McDonalds to order my food that I just saw on the screen at the 3D Imax at Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

That makes me feel like I'm getting the most out of my trip to see Star Wars. 

Now there is a new Star Wars movie coming out and the Seriously Chicken Billboard is back. Now automatically after I go to see Solo: A Star Wars Story the new Star Wars movie I will be heading to McDonalds to get a Seriously Chicken because I had such a great time at the 3D Imax at Christmas when I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

That's why if someone doesn't like McDonalds you should never believe them about Star Wars.

People who don't like McDonalds would never do that if they went to Star Wars.

You can never get the full Star Wars experience by seeing the movie with someone who doesn't like McDonalds because they won't go get Seriously Chicken with you after the movie.

For me, I like the "regular" experience of going to see Star Wars and then eating the food they advertise there after the movie like Seriously Chicken at McDonalds.

I'm not interested in these "other" people who don't like McDonalds and won't go there to eat after Star Wars because they don't like regular things like McDonalds. So never trust their opinion on a Star Wars movie.

Tree Huggers never want regular things like going to see Star Wars and then having a Seriously Chicken after you go to the 3D Imax.


I like doing the regular one, and McDonalds goes with Star Wars. So if you don't like McDonalds then you are probably a Tree Hugger and therefore you have no opinion of Star Wars.

Tree Huggers will probably say that the new Star Wars movie is not going to be the best movie ever because they also hate McDonalds so don't believe them.

Going to see Star Wars and then on the way home having an "Organic Potato" is not my idea of a good time, so never believe a Tree Hugger about a Star Wars movie.

I just want to have the regular Star Wars experience like having a Seriously Chicken on the way home because they advertise it at Star Wars. 

I don't want the "alternate experience" like instead of a Seriously Chicken at the new McDonald's kiosk after Star Wars  they want to have an Organic Potato and probably didn't like the movie because there was no one hugging trees in it.

When I see Star Wars I don't want the alternate experience of eating an Organic Potato after the movie, I want the regular experience of going to the 3D Imax to see Star Wars and then eating the Official Sandwich of the new Star Wars movies which apparently is Seriously Chicken at McDonalds.

So never trust these peoples opinions of Star Wars because everything they want is alternate.

So if they don't like McDonalds then they are always wrong about Star Wars. Never believe a tree hugger about a Star Wars movie, they only like alternate things like Organic Potatoes. 

For me, I like Han Solo and the 3D Imax and a Seriously Chicken at the new McDonalds kiosk, this will give me the complete Star Wars experience and not some "alternate arrangement" with some organic potato. Which I hate anyway, because I only like the regular potatoes because they are clean and cheap and everyone eats them not the alternate one.

So never believe people who eat organic food about Star Wars because they don't like things that are mainstream and everything they do has to be alternate.

If you want the complete Star Wars experience then go see it at the Imax and then have a Seriously Chicken at McDonalds with all the regular people. That's what everyone else is doing.

If someone says that they don't like McDonalds and eat Organic Food and are a tree hugger so never believe them about Star Wars. Those people never like anything regular and are always wrong about Star Wars.

It's the same thing as going on a vacation, I only want to take a regular vacation and visit a beach and do things that are for everyone, a tree hugger will want to scrub rocks at an oil spill on a vacation instead of going to get a sun tan in California and having fun at the beach.

I'm only interesting in the regular stuff like the Imax, McDonalds and normal vacations to the beach in California or somewhere.

Tree Huggers don't like any of that and always want something alternate like an organic potato, and a trip to clean up rocks at an oil spill and don't like regular things so never trust their opinion on a Star Wars movie.

All those tree hugger things I would never be interested  in I only like regular things like going to see Star Wars at the Imax in 3D and having a Seriously Chicken after the movie at the new McDonalds kiosk and taking vacations to the beach in California to see girls in bikini's.

I would never visit an oil spill to clean rocks ever or eat an organic potato at Star Wars, all that stuff sucks.

That's why the new Han Solo movie will be the best movie ever because it's for regular people who like the 3D Imax and McDonald Seriously Chicken and take regular vacations.

So if someone hate McDonalds never trust thier opinion on Star Wars then if you talk to them they will try and get you to skip Star Wars and go clean up rocks at an oil spill.

No thanks!

For me I'll take the regular stuff like Star Wars and McDonalds Seriously Chicken and normal vacation to the beach in California to see girls in bikini's.

So if you're like me and not some tree hugging complainer then the Star Wars Han Solo Movie will be the best movie ever.


Sexuality: "Q" Added TO LGBT & Ally

Girls Can Now Safely Be Ally
I recently noticed that on LGBT posters in the City and on the internet that there has been a Q added to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual). 

When I looked it up what they are saying is that LGBT is now LGBTQ.

Q in the term LGBT means "Questioning" or "Queer". So you can now say that you are Q if you are questioning your sexuality. I think they may mean that you can say it means queer if you are just questioning your sexuality.

So queer means now that you are "Questioning" your sexuality. Now you can say that you are Q in LGBTQ.

So Q can mean queer, but that now means questioning. So if you are Q you are questioning your sexuality.

So LGBT  is now LGBTQ, the q is not really queer but Questioning, and queer actually means questioning now.

The other new thing you can say is that you are Ally.

Ally is people who are an LGBTQ Ally, and they have their own flag. It's the same as the LGBTQ Flag but it's lighter pastel with less colors.

Many girls will probably say now that they are Ally, meaning an LGBTQ Friend or supporter.

Also girls may say that they are Ally if they are a little bit Gay or Transgender.

This is great for girls who are younger and in school or something because they can just say they are Ally if they don't want to come out of the closet. They also may be just a little bit gay or trans and don't want to say anything. Now they can say that they are Ally.

Then they can safely be Ally which is like LGBTQ with their own flag but it just means they support LGBTQ.

I can't find a good picture of the Ally Flag I saw outside on the internet but it's like the LBTQ Flag but is Light Pastels for Girls who are Ally, like light blue and pastel blue.
Also now they have Ally Safe Space, which is for people who are Ally so they can go places where they won't be bothered by people who don't like LGBTQ or Ally.

Personally, I can see where a lot of girls would like to be Ally because you don't have to be gay and you get your own flag like LGBTQ only it's pastel and has less colors.

This  would be great for High School Students who are girls so they can be Ally and have their own flag without people bothering them for coming out of the closet if they are gay or transgender.


Monday, April 9, 2018

Star Wars: New Movie "Solo" Will Probably be the Best Movie Ever Made

Solo: A Star Wars Story will be the best movie ever.
The new Movie Solo: A Star Wars story is coming out May 25 and is about the adventures of Han Solo and Chewbacca and is a prequel from before they were in the first Star Wars movies.

According to the Video Trailer on Youtube The Movie features a Young Han Solo and appears with Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian and in the video you can see that Han Solo's ship the Millennium Falcon is brand new.

This movie Solo: A Star Wars Story will probably be the best movie ever made. This is because in the movie the Space Ship the Millennium Falcon is brand new, and you get to find out in the back story how Han Solo knows Lando Calrissian plus Chewbacca is in it.

This movie will establish the relationship between Han, Chewbacca and Lando that was represented in the original Star Wars Trilogy.

In the movie you will probably get to find out why the Millennium Falcon is supposed to be the fastest ship in the galaxy and hopefully they will be showing the famous "Kessel Run" which Han Solo referenced to Obi Wan Kenobe in the first Star Wars film.

Inside the Millennium Falcon when it was brand new
Obi Wan Kenobe didn't actually say in the first movie if he had heard of the ship and how fast it was but it seemed to be important to Han Solo at the time.

However, Obi Wan did use the ship for transportation after Han's sales pitch.

Hopefully all these events will be represented in the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story making it the greatest movie ever made.

This move is a definite must see in 3D Imax if you can get there. Make sure you watch this movie in 3D at the Imax because it we probably be the greatest movie ever made.

Finally getting to see Millennium Falcon in action when it was brand new with Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian in the back story has been a dream of mine since the early 1980's.

 Plus Walt Disney has released new toys to go with the movie.

The Millenium Falcon in the original Star Wars

See this movie May 25 in 3D and may the force be with you.


Hitler: Famous Neo-Nazi Leader and Holocaust Denier Dies at 76

Gerd Honsik: Endsieg Leader Dies
Famous Austrian author and Neo-Nazi leader / Holocaust Denier Gerd Honsik has died at 76. 

Honsik was convicted in the 1960's of attacks in Austria and was a member of the banned Austrian NDP Party (National Democratic Party).

The Political Party was was banned in 1988 for being a Neo-Nazi Political Party who lead Neo-Nazi attacks in Austria in the 1960's, twenty years after World War 2.

Neo-Nazi leader Gerd Honsik was convicted of Holocaust Denial for writing and spreading books in Austria saying that Adolf Hitler's Holocaust never happened.

Austria, apparently a Country with no free speech sentenced him to 18 months in prison for writing books on Holocaust Denial.

If Holocaust Denial was a crime in North America then their would be no free speech and is unconstitutional here. Austria must be some sort of Low Level Dictatorship compared to North America's standards.

In Canada or the United States the Holocaust Denial Law is Unconstitutional and Honsik would have been awarded millions of dollars in damages for Constitutional Infractions against him by the Government.

In Austria he was sentenced to 18 Months for writing books. 

Honsik was the leader of "Endsig" meaning "the quest for final Nazi victory" and was a publisher of anti Jewish and Racist books denying that Adolf Hitler was a criminal and saying that the Holocaust never happened.